7 Things About Cook Island You Never Knew

Brief facts about Cook Island

The Cook Islands are believed to be the most beautiful islands on the pacific with 15 Islands spread over an area the size of India but with a population of just about 15,000 people. The Cooks speak their own language and have their own government even if they are still under New Zeland. Now that you know these brief facts, here are the 7 things about Cook Island You Never Knew.

About Cook Island

1-Small Parliament

The Cook Islands has one of the smallest parliaments in the world with only 24 members of parliament and the house of parliament is a small one storied building that used to be a hotel. The parliament house still looks like a resort with lots of flowers and palm trees around it.

2-One Foot Island

One Foot Island is one of the biggest attractions of the Cook Islands. Contrary to its name, it does not measure just one foot. Legend has it that a fisherman and his son were out fishing when they were attacked by warriors and they fled to this island with the father walking over his son’s footprint to make it look like there was only one person so the attackers were fooled and when they found the father, they killed him but did not find the son who was up in a tree. The island is very beautiful, but no one stays there.

3-Crazy Canyon Cave

This cave is one of the best diving spots in the world with its clear water and the wreck to be explored. Cook Island offers a haven for divers and even those who are still learning to dive. The water temperature is just right.

| Cook Islands has one of the smallest parliaments in the world with only 24 members

4-Every island is different

You may think that because they are all part of the Cook Island then they are all the same, but all 15 Islands are unique and offer different experiences for fun and adventure. It is however not advised to try and visit all of them at once as it would be expensive – remember they are spread over the size of India.


5-You can have an Island to yourself

Because of the many Islands and the small population, many of the sports on the islands are isolated. Many visitors on honeymoon take boat rides to some islands that have almost no one and enjoy an entire island to themselves.

6- Delicious food

There is a variety of cuisine you can try when you are in the Cook Islands. The people there love to eat, among the delicacies are sea cucumbers, octopus, fish and fruit, all of which can be served cooked or raw.


7-Wonderful weather

The Cook Islands have only 2 weather conditions, wet and sunny so the weather is generally the same all year round because it is near the equator.

One last thing you should know

The women in Cook Island are very beautiful and the men are big and handsome. Their traditional attire includes flowers worn like a crown on the head and hanging on the neck like a necklace, this adds to their beauty along with the smiles that welcome you to the Cook Islands.

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