About Cook Islands

Cook Islands – Pleasure or Business

I’ve been to the Cook Islands on many occasions. I’ve been there for business and for pleasure, actually, so I could tell you all about what it’s like to do both. I also managed to horribly embarrass myself the first time I went there because I didn’t know about Cook Island’s connection to New Zealand. I ended up implying that a Cook Islander that I was talking to wasn’t a New Zealand citizen, which isn’t the case. Fortunately, he ended up laughing at the ignorant American instead of all of the other stuff that he could have done. Still, the moment stands out in my mind. As such, I always recommend for people these days to do a little reading on the political situation of any country before visiting it.

I can tell you that the Cook Islands are absolutely gorgeous. People who are used to visiting cold and desolate places when they’re traveling for business will get to visit someplace cool when they’re actually travelling to the Cook Islands. If you’ve just been there for business, you’ll really want to come back and visit for pleasure at some point. Then you’re really going to get the Cook Island experience, and everyone should have one of those.

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